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Lifting Equipment: We have supplied and installed our versatile and reliable lifting equipment for leading food producers throughout the UK. A complete service is available, from initial design through fabrication and installation to support packages.

  • Lift and Tips Our hydraulic or pneumatically operated bulk tippers are designed and built to specific customer requirements. These products have up to 3000kg lift capacity and can be fully automated with electrical interfaces to other equipment.
  • Bin Tippers These machines enable the operator to lift and tip the bin through 90 degrees to wash down any dirt or left over product. We can manufacture tippers to suit all types of bins.
  • The reel lifter eliminates heavy lifting, transferring a reel vertically from a pallet to its required horizontal position. A choice of hand operated or battery power, combined with fixed or swivel castors, adds versatility to this robust range.
Bin tipper
Bin tipper
Bin tipper.
Bin tipper.
Lift and tip
Reel lifter
Lift and tip.
Reel lifter.
Web reel lifter
Lift and tip with out feed chute
500kg Web reel lifter.
Lift and tip with out feed chute.