Bespoke Machinery & Equipment

Bespoke Machinery & Equipment

Unbeatable knowledge and
unrivalled workmanship.

Multiforce Contracts Ltd are a global company with experience manufacturing bespoke machinery and equipment for a wide range of industries. If you have a design that you need to bring to life, we can create the product you desire. With our team’s extensive skills in welding and our workshop’s state-of-the-art machinery, we can fabricate products that solve problems and allow your factory to run like clockwork.

If you are experiencing setbacks in your production output, or your equipment, but can’t quite pinpoint what needs improving, we will help you solve the issue. Our knowledge and experience designing and manufacturing bespoke equipment and machinery means that we are capable of thinking outside of the box to find the best mechanical solution to your problems. Bespoke machinery can be a significant, yet extremely worthwhile investment, so we want to ensure that you receive only the best service and most precise final product.

Examples of bespoke machinery and equipment we have designed and manufactured:

Honey pot heater and trolley
Ham log heater
Meat shredder
Potato kettle hoist and baskets
Cheese applicator



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