Factory Repairs & Improvements

Factory Repairs & Improvements

Breathe new life into your equipment and facilities.
Ensure that your food production factory meets compliance.

Old and worn facilities and equipment are in danger of falling behind when it comes to industry regulations. Ensure that your factory is working at full efficiency and is thoroughly safe by enlisting regular repairs and maintenance services. Multiforce Contracts Ltd are qualified to carry out alterations, modifications and repairs on a wide variety of stainless steel food industry equipment. Our experience means that we know how to get your factory back up to scratch in order to meet compliance. No maintenance or repairs job is too big or small when it concerns the functionality of your facilities, and the safety of your workforce.

Examples of the improvementrepairs or replacement services we are capable of providing.

New pipe and ductwork alterations

Stainless steel kerbing

Machine guarding

Personnel access platforms
(BS 1090 certified)

Stairs and ladders (BS1090 certified)

Stainless steel wall cladding

Tool and parts trolleys

Conveyor system modifications

Belt replacement (modular, endless and wire)

Our Services Food Industry

Lifting Equipment


General Fabrication

Factory Repairs & Improvements



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