Incline Conveyor Improvements

Our Experience
Incline Conveyor Improvements

The Challenge:

Our client, a manufacturer of delicate printed cans, was encountering multiple incidents of product damage due to the delay in transfer of cans between their horizontal and incline conveyors. The horizontal conveyor would transfer the can to the incline conveyor, where it would sit waiting for the next rubber grip top to pick it up and continue its journey up the incline conveyor. During this waiting period, the moving belt would scratch the can, causing damage to the print before it was picked up by the rubber grip top. It was Multiforce’s job to solve this issue by carrying out improvements to the conveyors.

What we did:


We identified where and why the issue was occuring; because of the delay between transfer from the horizontal conveyor to the incline conveyor.


We manufactured a radius bend and infeed, joining the horizontal and incline conveyors so that they became one seamless conveyor.


We increased the amount of rubber grip tops so that the cans would land on the rubber immediately instead of waiting.


Finally, we manufactured new scrolls, which control the way the can transfers onto the belt.

The Results:

All cans now successfully transfer from horizontal placement, to an incline without any hold-ups because the conveyor now operates on one seamless belt and roll. The cans are now transferred without any scratches, and the amount of cans damaged in production have decreased dramatically. Our client was also delighted to note that we removed one-drive motor from the system during the improvement in order to reduce their energy costs, and that work was completed on time and on budget!




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