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Massager Infeed & Discharge Transfer Conveyors Upgrade

Our client, a company focusing on the production of meat products, needed new equipment manufactured to transfer the product into and away from massagers (tumblers) without spilling liquid that drained from the product. This job needed to be carried out within a tight time-frame, and a limited workspace. Multiforce were up to the challenge!

The Challenge:

The client firstly and foremostly required new equipment to transfer meat into and away from product massagers. This required the existing services for the established equipment to be re-routed. The new equipment needed to be designed to capture any liquid draining from the product, to prevent it from falling onto the floor and causing accidents. Two of the biggest challenges that Multiforce needed to overcome during this job were the space and time restraints. There was very limited room in the work area to accommodate the new configuration of equipment, and a fire escape route needed to be maintained at all times. To make the process even more interesting, all installations and modifications had to be completed over a weekend period so that production was not interrupted! Multiforce got to work solving this jigsaw puzzle to produce the most space efficient design.

What we did:


We created a comprehensive plan of the room in which the works would take place, and detailed 3D models of the existing equipment.


We assembled the existing equipment and layout to provide a basic plan.


The new massagers were 3D modelled from 2D drawings and images provided by the supplier.


The massagers were added to the basic assembly layout and the dimensions of the transfer conveyors were established.


We had extensive discussions with the client to establish a throughput of product, which would allow us to calculate a speed for the transfer conveyors.


We sourced the correct motor gearboxes and conveyor belts for the application.


We engaged with our electrical contractor to integrate our conveyors with the new massagers, and the existing controls within the production line.


The conveyors were designed with user friendly parts that are easy to break down for cleaning.


A full set of construction drawings were drafted from the 3D modelled conveyor parts.


We established with the client how and where operators would conduct their work, and received details on which controls would be operated by whom.


We carried out all of the works over a weekend period so weekday production would not be disrupted.

The Results:

The client was pleased to see that we had met all of the requirements outlined in the brief, and delivered the final product with no disruption to their weekday production. The factory now works efficiently and safely with a compact conveyor arrangement that maintains a clear fire escape route through the work area and leaves little to no liquid on the floor due to the new guards/undertrays installed.




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